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Beloved one, indeed I am Archangel Michael here and present with you now. Present with your unique team of guides and angels of love, light, and healing. We invite you now to consciously shift your focus within.



Imagine that you’re going within, deeper and deeper inside, traveling inward to connect with your inner sacred space, your inner sanctuary, and place of eternal calm, peace, and light found within.



Know that as you travel within, as you journey into your open heart, you may pass through layers of frustrations or densities taken on from the outside world. Layers of doubt or uncertainty, the beasts of insecurity, judgment, fear, or pain. Acknowledge whatever you encounter on this journey within, and in simply acknowledging and being aware, you’re able to let it go.



Imagine that pain, uncertainty, doubt, judgment, and fear are being handed over effortlessly to your team of guides and angels, opening up the path before you, illuminating the way within. Go deeper now into your inner space, releasing thought as it appears into the light, opening the doors of your heart and dropping in, sinking in, going inward into inner calm, bliss, and tranquility.



Breathe and relax as your inner sacred space receives a cleanse from the divine so that you can effortlessly be still, present, aware within this inner sanctuary of your soul where rejuvenation, healing, and uplifting energy naturally flows and courses throughout your being.

吸氣..... 吐氣.....放鬆........... 你的內在的神聖空間從神性那裏接收到淨化,然後你可以很輕鬆的靜下來,臨在,去覺知到靈魂的內在聖殿,在那裏活化/治癒及提升的能量自然的流經你的存在.


Connecting with your inner sacred space in this way indeed rejuvenates your body, mind, and spirit, and connects you with fresh energy of the divine.



Divine energy is available in an infinite supply not from outside of you, not by gaining energy from another or from an activity or from a beverage or anything external. Simply going inward, opening, and experiencing the light, the love, the stillness, the presence within at all times, your inner sanctuary, your inner retreat.



At this time take another deep breath and feel your energy flowing down, grounding to the earth, flowing down in a column of light down through the layers of earth, bedrock, sediment, and down past roots and rocks and soil, down through the layers of earth all the way down until you reach the core, until you reach the light at the core of the earth where you find an incredible light therein. Notice the color of this light. Notice the feeling you get as you consciously connect with the light of the core of the earth, that is not separate from you, is one with you, is one with all.

現在 再做一次深呼吸.......... 感覺你的能量往下流動,根植到大地,由一到光束往下流 流經地球的每一層,床岩,沉積物,往下經過樹根,岩石及土壤,穿越地球的所有地層,一路往下,直到你到達地心,直到你到達在地心的光,在那裏你發現了不可思議的光,去注意那光的顏色,當你有意識地去連結在地心的光時,注意你感覺到的,你跟這個是沒有分離的,是跟你合一的,是跟萬物合一的.


Experience your oneness with this light at the core of the earth and through this, experience your connection to all that is. Now let the light flow up, up through the bottom of your feet, up through your root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra… Clearing any blockages, allowing the divine light to flow up, now fueling the flame of your heart, the energy of earth and of divine.



Open your heart and allow the light to continue to flow up through your throat, your third eye, your crown, and opening and expanding the energy of your light body. Your aura is being rejuvenated, replenished, as the light of earth flows up through you and up out your crown at the top of your head.



Go up with the light now, way up, connecting with the infinite supply of divine light, of source, up above the angelic realm, above the realms of spirit, of ancestors, of ascended masters, going up consciously, imagining you are going up, feeling yourself traveling up in vibration, linking directly with the divine, with all that is. Being here raises your vibration, replenishes your energy, heals your physical, mental, emotional, and  spiritual being, and allows access to knowledge, wisdom, and truth.



Breathe and feel the blessings of the divine bestowed upon you now, the blessings of all that is uniting with you in this present moment, and now imagine the light of the divine pouring down, flowing down like a waterfall of light upon you, cleansing away any tension, stress, negativity, doubt, and assisting you in now anchoring your energy once more to the core of the earth.



Ground, becoming present, centered, and aware of your connection to earth, to the divine, and to all that is.



When you are grounded your mind is calm and alert. You are open and aware, able to perceive the magic around you and within you, able to choose how to respond consciously. Able to respond with love, and ready to take your next step on your authentic path of becoming more and more in every moment aligned with your highest and greatest good so that you may serve and love, make a difference, live inspired, awake, in line with your divine path and purpose.



Remember now that this feeling you are experiencing, this light, power, and connection all began with your willingness to breathe, to quiet your mind, and to enter within.



I am Archangel Michael and I leave you now with my blessing and with the reminder that you can reconnect with the energies of your inner sacred space, of the divine, earth, and all that is at any time.



Every moment these frequencies of love are available to you. Tune in, tap in to the light within you to heal and rejuvenate, to uplift and inspire yourself and to then share these blessings of the divine with others, for you are able to make a difference through living love, radiating love, giving love as you have done in this moment and are encouraged to do moving forward in your life. You are so blessed, loved, and uplifted. Goodbye for now.




注: 這篇的影片攜帶著大天使在傳訊時很強的愛的能量.



2.如果能量低落時,也可以找個安靜的地方,閉上眼睛,或坐或臥,打開影片去聽英文的傳訊, 可以得到很好的能量補充,也可以增加身上的正向能量.----------------向光之羽





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